All India Gaming Federation Creates Skill Gaming Charters

Published Thursday, August 09, 2018 -
All India Gaming Federation Creates Skill Gaming Charters

India has been attempting to introduce measures to ensure that online betting is safe and the recent news that the All India Gaming Federation has made a move to regulate the Skill Gaming sector is good news. The Skill Gaming sector includes Poker, Rummy and Fantasy Sports. The new recently launched Skill Games Charters is a step forward in the right direction.

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) was created in 2016 in response to the swell in the number of Gaming operators in India as well as the number of consumers of the three Skill Game verticals. The requirement the AIGF revealed was that the sectors need to self-regulate all Games of Skill played online in pay-to-play formats.


These AIGF Skill Games Charters are created with care by experts and relevant stakeholders from the Gaming and legal industries. The structure of the charters will give the Indian Gaming industry protection of player interest and install transparency and integrity to the Indian gaming industry. The AIGF has been committed to handling issues related to the Indian gaming industry and its stakeholders through knowledge papers, conferences, events, discussion and briefings. The Gaming body has submitted a report on ‘Regulating Skill Games and legalizing Gaming in India’ to the Law Commission of India. The body has been a crucial participant in getting International regulators to come to India through the annual events, India Gaming Conclave and the All India Gaming Summit.

The AIGF Skill Games Charters has created basic rules for its members and future members in terms of legality, transparency and disclosure, integrity, security and responsible gaming, breach and consequences. Additionally to the basic principles, the charter also considers specific Skill Gaming sectors such as Fantasy Sports, Online Rummy and Online Poker Games.

The Skill Games Charters also revealed the need for an effective framework for gaming operators. AIGF has partnered with one of India’s top four consulting firms to draft an ‘Audit Assessment Framework’ for Gaming operators.


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