Betfair Paddy Power Online Gambling Pioneers Still Growing

Published Sunday, August 05, 2018 -
Betfair Paddy Power Online Gambling Pioneers Still Growing

The online betting industry is full of giant gambling operators that know how to read the market and adjust their strategy for success. Some of those big operators have grown even larger through acquisitions and mergers.

The Betfair online gambling company operates the world's largest online betting exchange and offers sports betting, fixed odds betting, casino, poker and bingo.  Headquartered in London and Dublin, Betfair has shown remarkable growth over the years since it was created in 2000. mentioned the amazing growth back in 2009 when there was a global financial crisis happening Betfair was doing well. It was noted Betfair’s revenues doubled in the three years before 2009 despite investing heavily in expansion offshore the firm continued to grow market share and build a customer base, without increasing debt.

The online exchange model, which allows consumers to act as either bookie or punter, clearly looks like a better value option than the high street operators offer and since Betfair takes its commission either way it is always pleased with the results.

Betfair over the years has had a fair share of controversies with the September 2011 data theft cover up being serious.Betfair admitted that it had concealed the theft of confidential customer data which included the payment card details of most of its customers, "3.15m account usernames with encrypted security questions", "2.9m usernames with one or more addresses" and "89,744 account usernames with bank account details".

Again the Betfair enterprise survived and business get getting better. The merger with the iconic Irish gambling operator Paddy Power has proven to be another brilliant move by the company. Recently the firm has refused gambling services to Canadians which indicates it wants to remain in regulated markets in North America.


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