Online Poker Security Token at PokerStars

Published Tuesday, September 29, 2009 -

Considered by many to be the world's largest poker site, Poker Stars is ahead of the pack when it comes to offering the latest in customer security. By offering players a unique solution for protecting their accounts, this company is determined to be able to combat fraudsters.

The RSA Security Token can be attached to a key ring. The word token describes the ingenious gadget, it is small and portable. It displays a six -digit number that changes every minute forming part of a new and more secure log in the process. This stops key logger crooks in their tracks by requiring anyone accessing their account to have the token on their person. Although this form of security technology is used by corporations governments and the military already this is the first time for an online casino operator.

A security spokesperson for PokerStars commented, "Helping players protect their accounts is a top priority for PokerStars and we are always looking at ways to improve security. The RSA token provides a super-strong defence against unauthorized access by upgrading account security to a 'two factor authentication' process - the player's unique password plus the unique number generated by the token. It's a cutting edge security solution that enables us to provide players with unrivalled security and peace of mind."

RSA is a world class leader in security solutions and developed this new device after seeing the new application for online casinos. Poker Stars has been implementing other security measures for it's players. The six digit PIN number is also available to customers who use it in tandem with their password to access their Poker Stars account. Random positioning of the keypad also foils would be fraudsters. These security offerings do help and feeling secure sure makes playing online poker much more enjoyable.

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