Expansion of Online Lottery Access Suggested In Pennsylvania

Published Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Expansion of Online Lottery Access Suggested In Pennsylvania

Camelot is Britain’s premier lottery game that is owned and operated by the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund. For almost a year now Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Corbett has been trying to make a deal with the operators of the English lottery to run the Pennsylvania Lottery in a privatization deal that promised the state $34 billion in profits over the 20 year contract.

After a lengthy time the Governor has decided to give up his bid for the Camelot Global Services contract coming as a surprise to the administration. For the most part Republican Corbett, could not get over the February 14th 2013 decision by Attorney General Kathleen Kane made concerning the deal. The contract the Attorney General said violated the state constitution and state laws.

Corbett’s administration could not make enough changes in the deal. The conclusion did not rule out other attempts to bid on a lottery management contract in the future. A pledge was made to find alternatives to meet the growing cost of programs for senior citizens in Pennsylvania.

Jay Pagni the administration’s press secretary commented that it made sense to move on at this time because Pennsylvania had changed politically as well as legislatively since the initial bid from Camelot.

Pagni said, “Camelot’s bid was based on a certain landscape a year ago,” Pagni added, “It’s fair for all parties that, because of the additional risk or uncertainty of the management’s ability to meet those profit commitments, we let the bid expire.”

The decision to cancel, was applauded by Democrats which allowed for more criticism. House Democratic leaders said in a statement the arrangement was “wasteful, secretive and ill-conceived,” Consultants to the Camelot deal have been paid $3.4 million, with more invoices pending, state officials say.

Department of Revenue spokeswoman Elizabeth Brassell commented that lottery profits could be increased by changing the advertising strategy, introducing new games such as keno or expanding online lottery gambling, “These sort of big picture things need to be discussed,” Brassell concluded.

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