Online Gambling and Arousal the Same in Men and Women

Published Saturday, December 28, 2013 -
Online Gambling and Arousal the Same in Men and Women

Pleasure centers in the brain are different for men and women but who would think that gambling and sex share the same location in both genders.

A recent “neuroeconomics” study has revealed that there are links between sex and gambling. It was exposed that taking risks with money and sexual arousal affect the same parts of the brain. Men who were aroused or shown erotic pictures gambled and played more daringly than those shown frightening pictures of animals such as snakes, and scorpions or even neutral pictures.

The pleasure centre in the brain is stimulated by both money and sex both with a similar intensity the research maintains. Gambling online or in an actual casino was also compared to the stimulation from trading on the stock market.

Individuals of both genders were surveyed in the case study with the results confirming that both men and women experienced higher levels of arousal and were more bold with their betting habits after looking at provocative images. Women in particular had more desire for intimate relations after winning at some form of gambling. Better sexual experiences were had while in casinos.

Age was a factor also considered in the case studies showing that the younger demographic was more prone to stimulating imagery and tended to gamble more boldly than those older participants who were not as influenced by the images provided by researchers. In an alternative case study conducted in Netherlands revealed that men who were regular gamblers tended to prefer to gamble over being in the company of women. The regular gamblers became accustomed to winning easy money which was more pleasurable than chasing women. The study involved 18 pathological gamblers and 20 healthy individuals scanned by an MRI while their brain activity was monitored while performing one of the two tasks.

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