French Bettors Confident They Will Win The World Cup

Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018 -
French Bettors Confident They Will Win The World Cup

Confidence was obvious in the French football team today when they won 1 - 0 against the strong competitor Belgium. There may be something the general public who bet on the FIFA World Cup tournament don’t know as the French gamblers are setting betting records in 2018.

Arjel the French gambling regulator recently revealed its official statistics on local gambler’s outlay on the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. During the 48 group stage matches between June 14 and 28, French gamblers bet which was a total of €363m, more than twice the €166m bet on the 2014 World Cup’s group stage and €73m more than the total €290m bet on the entire 2014 FIFA event.

By July 5th the amount wagered on the 2018 event was €159m and was placed with the 27k points of sale of the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) retail sports betting monopoly. The other €204m was placed with Arjel’s 12 online sports betting licensees.

The Brazil vs.Switzerland match on June 17 took top spot for the highest betting volume of the championship to date at €17m. This met the stats for the second-highest betting volume on any single event since the French online market was opened up in 2010.

Understandably the three World Cup events featuring the French national team generated a significant betting volume. Some €39m was bet on these three matches alone which was about 11% of the group stages total revenues. French regulator Arjel president Charles Coppolani has put his support behind the government’s efforts to unify France’s gambling regulatory structure under a single all encompassing authority. Coppolani said “a single regulator was needed to respond with the proper speed to address a rapidly shifting gambling environment and to impose the necessary consumer protections.”

France is in a position to win the cup and more betting records are sure to be broken in that country.  


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