Ethereum Rapidly Becoming Cryptocoin of Choice for Online Gambling

Published Monday, July 09, 2018 -
Ethereum Rapidly Becoming Cryptocoin of Choice for Online Gambling

The tech savvy individual today knows something about blockchain and its business applications such as wagering on the internet. The use of cryptocurrencies or virtual money is gaining traction within the online gambling industry. Choosing an online casino can be hard enough and the added debate as to what cryptocurrency is better becomes another challenge.

There are many cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin topping the popularity stats but is Bitcoin the best bet? The factors which make using a virtual currency to gamble with are things such as fees and convenience.Compare another cyber coin like Ethereum which is a decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference to Bitcoin which also utilizes blockchain.

Ethereum is rapidly becoming the coin of choice for online gambling even though Bitcoin has the cache of being the original digital money platform.

Bitcoin’s popularity has started to wain, with a congested network leading to delays in processing.The speed and the low fees have disappeared leaving room for an improved crypto funding platform such Ethereum.

There the debate is clearly in Ethereum’s favour with some features such as the use of smart contracts which enforce transactions in the cryptocurrency world. The platform is influencing in the online gaming sector in a big way. Ethereum has  advantages and Ethereum is gaining major traction in the online gambling market.

Ethereum’s transactions are not only processed much faster than the rival plus the fees are lower which can be all the difference when it comes to deciding whether to game using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Time is money as the saying goes so it makes sense to go with Ethereum. Saving money and saving time,  considering Ethereum is a good bet for betting. Blockchain is the future especially in our virtual world.


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