BetVictor Launches Innovative Intuitive Marketing Platform

Published Sunday, July 08, 2018 -
BetVictor Launches Innovative Intuitive Marketing Platform

The online gambling industry has witnessed many firsts on the technology front. The constant need for fresh ideas to keep up with the latest improvement challenges is what forward thinking operators are looking for.Marketing has always been a priority for online gambling firms who are always innovating in the targeting of products relevant to the consumer.

One such innovation has recently been launched by BetVictor, one of Europe’s leading online gaming companies.  The in-house developed Real-Time Automated Marketing Platform is the first market solution designed to provide a seamless tool to foster interaction with consumers in a more effective manner in real-time. BetVictor utilizing its new system analyses customer likes and dislikes and can form campaigns specifically suited to them all with this single marketing automation platform. RAMP is one of the most intuitive marketing tools now available for the online gambling industry, RAMP has the ability to create cross-channel promotional campaigns in every language.

Research has shown that specific targeted personalized promotional notifications are more likely to be clicked on and read.

Leo Judkins, Head of Retention at BetVictor, commented on the system,  “Today, more than ever, customers receive dozens of emails, push notifications, and texts from companies attempting to sell products that aren’t always relevant to them. At BetVictor, by leveraging our own predictive modelling capabilities, we’re able to target our customers with eye-catching offers and campaigns that are of their interest.” Judkins continued to add, “Our innovative and intuitive marketing platform, RAMP, further enhances and simplifies two-way engagement between our teams and our customers, providing them with an enriched experience”

BetVictor is an established innovator in the gaming industry with headquarters in Gibraltar and tech hubs in London and Budapest.  BetVictor’s focus is to offer customers a simple, intuitive and personal betting experience. The company provides in-house technologies and product development capabilities for consumers in 150 countries.  


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