Loot Box Issue Decided In France

Published Friday, July 06, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
Loot Box Issue Decided In France

Many gamblers aren’t particularly interested in video gaming per say but the governments of a number of countries are concerned that gambling has infiltrated the video gaming world. In video gaming there are items called loot boxes which contain items such as weapons or armour that can be obtained and redeemed for enhanced play. Purchasing a loot box is a gamble in itself because the boxes are sold as a random package with the contents hidden until bought. Rare objects are granted if a number of loot boxes are bought. The prizes are a type of monetization, with the players either buying the boxes directly or receiving them while playing games such as League of Legends, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Countries are dealing with the cross over gambling aspect that loot boxes present.  

The French gambling regulator ARJEL maintains that “loot boxes could qualify as gambling if the generated item has a real-world monetary value”, according to the English version of French gambling law. The regulator states that this would be the case if the loot box item is sold outside the gaming platform and a prize was obtained. ARJEL then states that in order for that to happen the game operator would be required to first permit such a transaction away from the platform.

ARJEL’s statement read, “a certain number of investigations are in progress” regarding the authorization of in-game loot boxes. In response, the regulator has voted for a combined and coordinated action, adding that this would allow European financial regulators to “provide a coherent analysis of micro-transactions embedded in video games”.

It should be noted that in the French jurisdiction only three types of online gambling are permitted those being poker, horse betting, and sports betting. In the Netherlands it was revealed that an investigation of ten popular video games with loot boxes and found that four of them had violated Dutch gambling laws. Game developers were given two months to fix the illegal loot box issue.






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