Newgioco Launches New AI Addition 'Chatbot'

Published Friday, March 09, 2018 -
Newgioco Launches New AI Addition 'Chatbot'

Newgioco Group Inc. and its subsidiaries, is a fully integrated, licensed gaming technology firm. The company offers a full suite of leisure gaming products and services, such as sports betting, virtual sports, online casino, poker, bingo, lottery, interactive games, and slots, as well as an innovative betting platform.

Newgioco Group has recently announced the launched of ‘Chatbot’ which is incorporated into its ELYS betting platform by Odissea.  Chatbot uses customised pattern recognition and machine-learning algorithms to determine the relevant features of customer interactions and to develop a customer betting profile.

The use of Chatbot automatically creates play options for customers by applying  quantitative relationships between betting odds. Newgioco intends to apply Chatbot for automated odds determination across numerous events.  

Newgioco’s Chief Technology Officer, Luca Pasquini commented on the artificial intelligence, "With CHATBOT we have developed a machine-learning engine for ELYS that automatically learns from previous customer behavior and could autosuggest the most effective play for our customers," Pasquini continued to explain, "ELYS now learns to model betting patterns and probabilities related to the player's historical behaviors, while requiring minimal upfront preparation or user interaction. We believe that both the cost and time savings for customer acquisition from this breakthrough technology will be immediately realized."

Michele Ciavarella, Company CEO and Chairman also commented on the development, "CHATBOT is a powerful, indispensable customer service tool designed to offer valuable user functions such as detailed data, odds updates, results, and news, and represents a disruptive technology edge for the Company in the highly competitive global online betting space,"

"With many more challenging in-game sports betting events being offered, customers are demanding useful, sophisticated applications and highly entertaining experiences from their sports-betting provider. These customer-centered technology demands are driving Newgioco's 2018 product code programming initiatives. We expect to have an exciting lineup of these new technology features along with further developments in business intelligence, customer relationship management and comprehensive blockchain code launched throughout 2018."


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