Brazilian Senate Shuts Down Online Gambling Legalization

Published Thursday, March 08, 2018 -
Brazilian Senate Shuts Down Online Gambling Legalization

The South American online gambling market is one that operators all over the world would like to get involved with but governments in some jurisdictions are not fully committed to reforms that would give regulated betting a chance.

The recent rejection of a gambling bill proposed by the by the Brazilian government has dashed the aspirations of those who see the potential for revenue in the legalization of wagering in the country.

The Brazilian Senate Committee on Constitutional and Judicial Affairs voted 13-2 senate committee putting down gambling reform legislation. Senate Bill PLS 186/2014 if passed would have implemented the legalisation of bingo, online sports betting and casino games. The bill also would have given the Ministry of Finance the authority to appoint the federal agencies that would oversee regulations and licensing duties.

The reform bill was approved and then passed on to the Senate Committee on Constitutional and Judicial Affairs in 2016 after Senator Magno Malta requested a review on constitutional grounds.

One of the authors of the bill, Senator Ciro Nogueira, expressed his disappointment at the vote commenting,  "If we don’t regulate sports betting, our football will be contaminated. It's very easy to be against. But we do not have the option of having or not having gaming. Let's get the benefits. Today, Brazil is left alone with the mischief of the activity. Money laundering exists as it is today."

Another Senator Benedito De Lira who agreed with Senator Nogueira also commented,  "Clandestine games are a reality and cause the problems. All institutions are aware of this. We are trying to legalize an economic activity, which generates employment. We are pulling out legality."

During the discussions Noguiera and de Lira called the bill the government’s answer to the growing gambling black market.  The proposal would keep funds in the country and the legislation, would also create a new sector and thousands of new jobs.


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