U.K.'s ICO Probe Upsets Online Gambling Affiliates

Published Sunday, November 13, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K.'s ICO Probe Upsets Online Gambling Affiliates

The United Kingdom is determined to keep the online gambling industry honest and transparent and a recent report that the Information Commissioners Office in the U.K. is looking into the actions of hundreds of affiliates involved in internet betting is not a new move. Affiliates are upset with the regulatory body that said that affiliates are “believed to be using people’s personal details to promote online gambling websites.”

The ICO wrote a letter to over 400 affiliates to find out how “they use people’s personal details and send marketing texts. This includes where they got people’s personal information from and how many texts they sent”. The ICO claims the focus is to reduce the use of spam and is, “part of an investigation into spam texts linked to the online gambling sector. An affiliate commented on the letter received from the ICO saying the correspondence "accuses everyone who receives it of sending mass spam texts irrespective of the truth. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. I (...) explained operators are militant with compliance and that any communication we send out that is email is opt in and easy to opt out and that we don't do sms to promote any sites that we are affiliated with.”

The ICO said in response it was “investigating a large volume of complaints with regards to electronic marketing on behalf of the online gaming/gambling industry. As a part of it's (sic) investigation the ICO sought information from Income Access, that provides a platform that facilitates an affiliate programme and white label service between affiliates and client companies.

"Income Access provided the ICO with a list of "affiliates" that used its services but in doing so it would appear that it also provided the detail of "affiliates" that promoted some gaming businesses via their online services including social media and search engine optimisation.” The ICO said, "From your response it would appear that you might appear within this category and are therefore outside the scope of this investigation.”


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