Italy Seeks To Ban Online Poker Advertising

Published Friday, February 07, 2014 -
Italy Seeks To Ban Online Poker Advertising

Italy regulated and legalized online gambling by Italian legislation in 2006. This has introduced a considerable change into the competitive dynamics of the regulated gambling industry in Italy, and has brought about a rapid development in a new business segment, that of internet gambling, which in 2012 reached a total amount wagered in gambling of some 15 billion euro and a gross gambling revenue of 749 million euro.

Now after years of growth in the online gambling sector Socialist Party, Nencini Riccardo has introduced measures to ban advertizing on gambling, particularly online poker on TV channels and radio stations. The Senator presented the Italian assembly with a new set of rules regarding online gambling advertisements in Italy which was unanimously voted to be adopted.

The adoption of the legislation and the enforcement of the amendment will help reduce the risk of gambling addiction in Italy.

Socialist Party members are hailing the adoption of the amendment as a victory for the people and the Socialist Party. This advert ban does not include the internet advertising that is available to Italian consumers. The House of Representatives last year approved a bill that outlines a tax regime and a platform of standards that operators must follow with regards to casino slots and horse racing offerings.  

Although the Italian online poker market has been experiencing a decline in participation and revenues the Senate is likely to approve the proposal with a few amendments the bill will come back to the House of Representatives for a second reading. The need for amendments to the current tax regime for online gambling operators is obvious in order to attract more consumers. Advertising is the usual method operators utilize to build consumer activity. The proposed prohibition will keep them from growing the poker player base. The government is looking at ways to keep the decline in revenues from getting worse by modifying existing tax levels.

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